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We are a Chartered Civil and Structural Engineering Consultancy offering innovative, cost-effective engineering solutions to a wide range of clients across the UK. With multiple offices covering the whole of Wales, Bristol & the South West of England our experienced engineers combine specialist knowledge and Technical expertise to guide your project from start to finish.


Whether we are working with developers, architects, construction companies or directly with residential clients, our commitment to provide first-class customer service means that not only are your aspirations met, but they are met through a positive, open, and trusted relationship.

Our Specialisms

Domestic Alterations

Domestic Alterations

If you’re looking to knock through existing rooms to create one large space, extend outwards to increase square footage, or convert your loft to utilise an unused area of your home. Whatever your requirement, our experienced engineers are on hand to guide you through the process.

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Foundation Design

At Vale Consultancy we have experience in designing foundations for all common ground conditions found in the UK. No foundation design is the same, requiring logical problem solving and quick responses by expert engineers.

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Specialist Building Design

Our expert engineers have a wealth of experience in developing innovative design solutions for unique projects across the UK. Our portfolio includes designing sport diving platforms, climbing walls, modular buildings, and underground mini golf courses.

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Large Building Structure Design

We have designed a diverse range of large scale development projects in the private and public sectors, including but not limited to; Health and Education, Office and Retail, Hotel, Sport and Leisure, Residential and Sustainable Developments and the Conservation of Historic Buildings.

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Building Information Modelling (B.I.M)

Building Information Modelling (B.I.M) is an intelligent 3D model-based approach that provides interactivity and insight between architecture, engineering and construction professionals.

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Civil Engineering & Infrastructure

Our dedicated Civil Engineers are experts in providing practical solutions on even the most challenging site. We have worked with a number of high profile companies over the years providing a commercial solution that is innovative and customer focused.

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SuDS & SAB Application

We are experts in Sustainable Drainage (SuDS) and SAB (Statutory Approval Body) Applications and are able to give guidance, advice and provide full designs to satisfy the requirements of the SAB process.

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Flood Risk Management

Flood Risk Management is a key part of any new development. It’s important to understand the potential risk of flooding and the consequential effect the development may have on the local community.

“We aim to uphold the highest professional and ethical standards within the industry, providing clients, architects and developers we work with the service, flexibility and attention to detail they need to get the job done.”

Matt Jones, Managing Director

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